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In the "Anemona Crisan Online Shop" you will find small and medium-sized works, unique pieces on canvas and paper, as well as a new range with pigment prints in different formats and editions. If you are interested in large formats, please send me an email to office (at)anemonacrisan(dot)at or use the contact form in the online shop.

STRABAG - Real Estate GmbH, TechGate Vienna, 2019

Artistic design of the public corridor of the companies Mischek ZT, GTE and bauxund Vienna.
Printed adhesive film.




STRABAG - Real Estate GmbH, Vienna, 2019

Artistic design of the public areas (entrance, corridor and reception) of the STRABAG Real Estate GmbH, Vienna.
Acrylic painting in situ.








DAL–Deutsche Anlagen Leasing GmbH & Co. KG, Headquarter Mainz, 2017

Artistic design of all public areas (lobby, conference area, restaurant) of the new DAL headquarter in Mainz (Germany).

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Die Anatomie des Raums / The Anatomy of Space

This monograph portrays Austro-Romanian artist Anemona Crisan’s evolution from panel painting to space invading installations. It shows Crisan’s unconventional perception of the relationship between body and space: Her drawings expand into the space, occupy it and surround the viewer. In her works on paper, canvas and in large-scale installations, she uses a distinct linearity that evokes connotations to anatomical elements, and redefines the space.

Edited by Conny Cossa
With essays by: Conny Cossa, Elisabeth Priedl and Jacek Malinowski

2014, Kerber Publishing House, Berlin
Hardcover, 30 x 24 cm, 112 pages.
german and english
ISBN: 978-3-86678-985-2

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