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STRABAG - Real Estate GmbH, Vienna, 2019

Artistic design of the public areas (entrance, corridor and reception) of the STRABAG Real Estate GmbH, Vienna.
Acrylic painting in situ.
STRABAG - Real Estate has its new headquarters on the 3rd and 4th floors of the TechGate building in Vienna. I was invited to implement an artistic concept for the 4th floor, which creates a new location and identification of the company with the new building in the existing TechGate spatial structures. At the same time, the difficult spatial orientation should be made easier, and a connection between reception, sales area and corridor should be established. Materials: corridor: in situ acrylic painting , reception: glass foil printing, sales rooms: printing on perspex.


The glass wall of the reception dominates the reception area and is therefore a "business card" for the company. The subject is a thematic encounter between my artistic theme - the relationship between human body and architecture - with the theme of the company (real estate construction and sales) and the STRABAG slogan "Teams Work". Here we see three figures that are connected by red architectural elements that they move, build and change, and vice versa.




The corridor is 110m long, monotonous (narrow, low, artificial light), making orientation particularly difficult for people unfamiliar with the building. The task here was to make practical use of the artistic design and, on the one hand, to create an optical guidance system and at the same time visually shorten this sheer length. I succeeded in doing this by introducing slanted, colored arches as design elements, each of which leads to a door over walls and ceilings, thus marking the office entrances for better orientation at a distance. In addition, these arches divide the corridor into segments and also visually shorten it due to the additional distortion.