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STRABAG - Real Estate GmbH, TechGate Vienna, 2019

Artistic design of the public corridor of the companies Mischek ZT, GTE and bauxund Vienna.
Printed adhesive film.

STRABAG - Real Estate has its new headquarters on the 3rd and 4th floors of the TechGate building in Vienna. I was invited to implement an artistic concept for the 3rd floor, which interacts with my design on the 4th floor and yet introduces a new thematic level that communicates with the activities of the companies based here and their areas of responsibility (architecture planning, statics, building technology, building ecology ). Execution: printed adhesive film


This corridor is 110m long, monotonous (narrow, low, artificial light), making orientation particularly difficult for people unfamiliar with the building. Based on and as a further development of my artistic design on the 4th floor, I used the architectural arches again. In this case, they "float" - sometimes closer or farther from the viewer–and temporarily join together to form figurative structures that intertwine like a chain, hanging together. Only to be transformed into flaoting arches on the next wall.