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DAL–Deutsche Anlagen Leasing GmbH & Co. KG, Headquarter Mainz, 2017

Artistic design of all public areas (lobby, conference area, restaurant) of the new headquarter building.
This project was curated by Samuelis Baumgarte Art Consulting. Architecture by Zaeske und Parnter Architekten BDA.

For the new building of the new headquarters of DAL-Deutsche Anlagen Leasing in Mainz, I was invited to implement an artistic design in the public areas that accompanies the visitors from the monumental lobby to the conference corridor into the conference rooms and the restaurant. The aim of the design was also to give this uninhabited new building character and history, in order to make it a place of identification for the employees who now come together from the diverse corporate divisions and offices at this new location.


The starting point of the design are the two multi-storey lobby walls (each approx. 100m2), executed in situ as elaborate painting and drawing (in ink and acrylic). The subject shows two individuals (shown from a bird's eye view) who - coming from different directions and spaces (red rectangles) - meet at this location, intertwine to begin a rotary movement, the dynamics of which are directed towards the opposite wall and continued into the building.


Conference hall and rooms

The subject of the floating, distorted red rectangle that inspires the users of these rooms continues in the conference / meeting roomsch to see new (literally "weird") perspectives and to leave the current grid to develop new ideas. The conference rooms have glass walls towards the corridor, so that in order to enable a more intimate conversation atmosphere, an optical separation was necessary while maintaining daylight permeability. I solved this requirement by continuing the subject of the red rectangles and in this way developing a formally subtle, translucent optical separation that was effective thanks to the red color marking. (Material: walls: acrylic painting, glass walls: adhesive film)



The artistic design ends in the restaurant, in which a wall also shows a hand-drawn figure that shakes hands with visitors when entering or leaving the room. The glass wall of the restaurant is also designed with red rectangles, like the automatic door to the restaurant. (Material: walls: acrylic painting, glass walls: adhesive film)